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March 29, 2013
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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.
12/13/14- added "Journey to Jotunheim."
Departing with the Tesseract from the Avengers via the Bifrost, Thor (with Loki in tow)
visits the Frost Giants to atone for his arrogance in Thor (2011). Is it a suicide mission?
Bonus Track 7.
11/25/14. The track player gets a new look!
12/13/14: I've re-released the soundtrack in 40 high quality files. OST: Loki: Prince of Mischief. Only $10! by j3px
Those buying the album will get a treat to bonus content and unlimited mobile downloads access!
Tell your friends about it!
You may buy my soundtrack on Bandcamp here.…

*7/11: Update: Compressed audio files and simplified graphics to fit more of the score in; until today,

the audio files were all at 44.1 kHz, stereo. Now, they're all 22 khz, mono. Before the file size was 29.1 MB (max swf size of dA is 30mb).
3/30/13: Added 'Marooned', and its acoustic guitar version, 'Missing Asgard'.
Also added 'A New Day' and 'Verdict'.
4/6: Added '1. Prologue' '2. Laufey is Gone', '3. To Asgard', and '4. Odin's Sons' 5. Loki's Defense 7. Odin's Justice
*4/17: 12. Death (Thanos' Theme), 15. Bifrost
*4/20: Into the Beyond (rough draft)
*4/22: 5. Loki's Defense redone 26. Saying Goodbye; added sfx and bg music to intro. 9. Emerald Sky
*5/2: 18. Strange Sorcery
*5/10: Updated Loki's Banishment, but still needs work...
*5/11: Updated Strange Sorcery
*5/21: Moment
*5/27: 16. Crisis (preview)
*6/24: 28. A Father's Love
*7/11: 30. Into the Beyond (preview)
*7/12: 23. Any Friend
*7/20: 11. Hubris 16. Crisis (complete) 17. Free 27. Repose
*7/22: 14. Between Friends 11. Hubris revised 25. Purpose (ext) 27. Repose, revised 30. Into the Beyond (Final)
*7/24: Added a 'play all (tracks)' in the lower right of the player.
*8/1: Revised 4.'Odin's Sons' and 6.'Verdict'.
*8/11: Revised 6.'Verdict' (extended version) and 19. 'Adjusting'.
*10/11: Revised 24.Urgency; placed old 'Urgency on Unused 31'. The update sounds more urgent.
*11/8: 9. Emerald Sky redone.
*11/12: Replaced 1.Prologue with 'Loki's Theme'; placed old '1.Prologue on Unused 32'. It sounds darker, more ambiguous.
*11/13: I'm switching tracks around: scrapping 5 and adding 16 new ones....for a total of 39 tracks; added 25. Task.
*11/14: Announced new compositions in the works below. Renamed 'Loki's Theme' to 'Trickster'.
Added '20. Lethe' and  '38. Loki: A Four Letter Word' (draft)
*11/21: 21. Brotherly (based on Doyle's Thor Kills the Destroyer) 35. TBD 
*11/24: 35. TBD renamed to 'Skid Rocked' and extended to double its original length.
*11/25: 37. Graces (draft)
*11/30: Added '25. Deal/Duty' and  '29. Collector' (draft). 
*12/2: Added '8. Loki's Ploy' 13. Thor's Plan (draft) 18. Descent and 19. Small Welcome. Revised Deal/Duty.
Adding new tracks including 1.Prelude and 5.Home raised file size to 30.3 (30mB limit on dA). So removed 'Unused selections' and Play all'.
*12/3: Added 7. To Infinity. Note: True to its title, this piece is 14 minutes long.
*12/6: Added 36. Artifacts 64&69.  Revised 13. Thor's Plan 20. Lethe 24. Deal/Duty. 29. Collector 37. Graces 38. Loki Has Four Letters (final)
*12/6: Added 2. Heroic Exit (draft).  It exits the events of the end of the Avengers movie to get to Loki's story.
*12/25: The old 9. Plea sounded too much like 11. Test, so I changed 9 altogether.  The old 1. Prelude sounded too monotone so I changed it. 
*12/30: Revised 33.'A Father's Love.'
*12/31: Added female vocal to 33.'A Father's Love.' Renamed to 33.'Mother's Love.' Added skit 'Preview: Pre-Trial': at lower right.
*1/6: Added 33b.'A Mother's Love' instrumental to the intro.
*1/17: Revised skit 'Preview: Pre-Trial'.

*1/19: For the last day I've been doing concept art for a quick flashback of Loki and Thor as children.
So I may be inspired40. to do a little piece for that moment.

*1/24: I've opened a Pro account on You can now download any or all of these tracks here as high-quality files! Just Name Your Price.…

I decided to go in a completely different direction with the final composition. I believe it still has something of a Marvel-inspired soundtrack. I must say I'm finally pleased with it. Where do they take you? Are there any tracks that move you? What are they and why? Comment below if you like.

Some selections aren't ready yet! Before clicking, look here to see what is listed above that's not yet ready.

Compositions in production:
2. Heroic Exit (aka 'Exit Avengers', final)
21. Brotherly (final)
40. Little Princes

Simple score preview for Loki animated short coming.

I've the pleasure of creating an animated short all about Loki meeting Asgardian justice (Following the events fresh from the Avengers [2012]), banishment from his land to Midgard as a near-mortal, and his road to redemption.

Come along for the ride. The theme is 'antihero' prodigal son.

Concept art here: Loki concept art pencil test 1.0 by j3px
Constructive comments welcome.

9. Plea, 21. Brotherly and 28. A Father's Love are all inspired by Patrick Doyle's  Thor (2011) score. The intro to 2. Heroic Exit is inspired by Alan Silvestri. 'Shadow of Thor' is inspired by Brian Tyler.
All the others are original.

acting/art/score/animation: :iconj3px:
Marvel's Loki is the property of Marvel.
Score composed in ProTools SE.
Flash movie created in Swishmax.
Add a Comment:
(Sorry for my English) Ι personally loved the tracks. They sound very original and authentic to me. I actually love the fact that they all include "Loki's style" kind of thing. I strongly believe that you've done a very careful and detailed work here, plus I think that the whole soundtrack is very well focused to the caharacter you actually wanted to "highlight", Loki of course. I really like the technique as well, I mean the way the whole track sounds like. I would like it more if it had less effects in some parts though. For example the track "Laufey is gone" which is one of my favorite ones, has an mazing into, but I think that some of it's effects, sound a bit too much to my ears. But generally I love the fact that this whole thing is dedicated to one of the most underestimated marvel characters. This is just my personal opinion, according to my own thoughts and criticism and I hope is fair enough. However I'm a huge Loki fan and I'm a bit "strict" in whatever has to do with him, but as I earlier mentioned these tracks are so well detailed in my opinion.
What do you think?
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MariaNikamn Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ok found it LOL :P Really good! One of my faves for sure!
MariaNikamn Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I can't find the new track :p I'm not thatgood inthose things LOL can you  send me a link?
Evil-Stan Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2014
Totally gonna buy this when I have money. :D
Narryaque Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Overall, this Loki Soundtrack gives the listener a new way to look at the Thor movie! J3px takes the Thor theme and flips it over to match Loki. These songs are whimsical, magical, mystic, and remixed into a portal for the listener that will take them on a journey that follows Loki on his quest for redemption.

"Trickster" is the whimsical version of Thor's theme. The mystic chorus sings Loki's mischievous praises.

"To Infinity" takes the listener down the halls of infinity. The pipes in this musical number will transport them beyond the world they know, and into a mysterious trance.

"Verdict" plays as if the listener stands right beside Loki as he is judged by Odin, and all of Asgard. The music captures the tension and the sorrow of what fate waits for the fallen prince.

"Descent" reflects a heavenly sound with its organs. It takes the listener up into the beyond, and lays out a beautiful tapestry that leaves everything up to the imagination to weave.

"Missing Home" is a calming version of the Thor theme. The listener can almost see Loki gazing up into the sky, with only memories by his side...memories of home.

"Any Friend" is a beautiful piano piece on the Thor theme, and like a friend, it lifts the spirits.

"Mother's Love" is the ultimate lullaby of the Thor theme. This is Frigga's expression of love for Loki, and is her love song for her son. No matter what he does she will always love him as her own.

"Four Letter Word" is for L O K I. This almost sinister theme has Loki's very soul engraved in its ominous, yet mystical organs.

These descriptions are only under half of the journey the listener can experience through these songs.
As for buying them at only $10, the listener can be able to hear them any time they want, and that is a gift that any Marvel fan can enjoy.

Narryaque Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
I have been missing out!
The Preview Pre-Trial--I can hear voices! :D I'm so happy! Those are great impressions! Those aren't all you, are they? Or are you in there? Which ones? (Sorry, I gotta ask lol)
I think 1. Prelude sounds much better! :D
9. Plea: Sounds quite majestic :) I like the fading effect; it sounds like great halls!
Aww, Mother's Love. :) Short and sweet; but perfect. (wait, is that you singing, if i may ask?)

Hope you're well! Had to give my feedback, or i'll feel like i've let you down lol
j3px Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Hi Narry, thanks for commenting as always! I'm glad you did.

Pre-Trial! Yes, they're all me. Loki needs more dialogue. But he's only starting to speak. :)
I will soon need a female voice actress to voice Frigga's lines. She has just two in the screenplay so far. Sif will have some lines later in the film. Might you or anyone who wants to and can, help?

Thanks for your comment on Prelude! 

I agree with you! 9. Plea sounds like it takes place in a palace hall. There's the sound of organ music playing too! I didn't notice that. I'll let you in on something. All I did was take #1 on this soundtrack:…  , stretch it 300% and put it through a filter. You can listen to them side by side to compare if you want :D

Mother's Love. Yes, I aimed to sing that with the angst and tenderness of a mother in her voice. Thank you for your kind and honest comments. 

Doing some concept art for the Avengers ending that this film opens with, which you can find here (with more to come):

Narryaque Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
I can totally hear that!! The two songs sound alike, yes! Nice trick! I personally prefer Plea over Sunburst, but that's me :) It's beautiful! (Is that still the Thor theme in Sunburst? Or am I hearing things?)

:) I really want to hear Rene Russo sing Mother's Love. You aimed for angst and tenderness; you succeeded. :)

You got the style of their voices decently down on Pre-Trial! I love your Loki voice!!! I still can't believe those are all you, though I've never heard your voice until now, but still! Very impressive! :D (Will you reveal more of it? I see it cuts off.)

Those sketches are awesome! I like that you gave them more than one look, like Fury with and without the eye-patch, and Tony and Clint with and without shades!

I'll have to share your soundtrack with some of my friends, and I will ask them if they're interested. :) I'd like to try too. If my or any of my female friends' voices fit.
j3px Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Wow...there's so much nugget of deliciousness in all of your words. It'll take me some time to digest them. So I'm going to go ahead and thank you in advance... And go back to revisit your comments pretty soon. I will say this right now... I know that you and Ashley are BIIIIIG fans of Tom Hiddleston, so that helps a lot in portraying a convincing enough Loki.It's time for me to get up.. Eat breakfast.. And Back to work! :cD
Narryaque Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014
Take your time, by all means :D
lol Thank you! I'm glad to be helpful (hopefully not too much)!
Good luck with all your work, of course!
j3px Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2014  Professional Filmographer
Hi Narry.
I'm excited to tell you this. 
I'm doing 'concept art' to include a flashback of Thor and Loki as children (Ted Allpress and Dakota Goyo)
I can't wait to show it... but I'd better wait.
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